A little Irritation!

I finally got around to using Cremo in the shower. I thought that this product would be great in this application and I was right. The glide and lubrication of the Cremo is fantastic. So, Cremo, mild razor and new feather blade….I’m all set…into the shower I go.


The shave itself was different. It had the “illusion” of a shave. THe stuble was gone, but it didn’t really feel like a shave. THere was virtually no feedback. The Cremo, being a successful shaving creme, tended to make me apply a little more pressure than was necessary. So, let’s see…new blade and more pressure…equals…? That’s right, Irritation.


Ok, so no Ogallala for me today. Truthfully though. It’s not the razors fault, it’s not the blades fault, it’s not Cremo’s fault. No this one is squarely on me. The combination worked wonderfully. I just wasn’t used to it.


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