I tried Vostok today. It’s another of the Queen Charlotte Soaps. It is a peppermint and menthol shaving cream. It’s good stuff. Think a frozen York Peppermint Pattie on a brush.

I lathered with 3 drops of glycerin and warmed the shaving cream up in the water that I soaked my brush in. This made it much easier to get a good lather. The aroma filled the room and was not disappointing. I really like this stuff!

It lathered well with the addition of the glycerin and the addition made the glide very nice. It was cool and refreshing and got more so as time went on. It was interesting that you didn’t shave the coolness off. It was still there even if the lather wasn’t.

The cooling effect lasted at least an hour and a half after the shave. Never had anything like that before. I may order this again. It could be addictive.

I really like the fresh cool feel of this shaving cream. I would recommend this one.


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