Camping with Merkur Bakelite & Cremo

So a couple of weekends ago I went camping. One of the things that I took with me was my Merkur Bakelite and a small container of Cremo. I put all of this in a small digital camera case with some DE blades. Not quite as light and small as I wanted. I had wanted to put it all in an Altoids tin, but it was close. The issue was the size of my Cremo container. I have some smaller ones on order.


I heated up a bit of water in my cup. (It was in the upper 20’s that morning) and had a very nice shave. With the Cremo, the only thing I need is water.

There is no need to carry along a shaving brush, or a bowl or mug to make a lather in. The Cremo is applied to the face. Couldn’t be simpler when you want a small package for shaving.

First time out with this kit…so far, it works great and I’m happy with it.



3 thoughts on “Camping with Merkur Bakelite & Cremo

  1. Now that is what I call traveling light. As my wife and have become mature (a.k.a. older, HA), our idea of ruffing it is in a comfortable motel. The last time I camped out when it was that cold was when the Army made me do it, Brrr. Shaving out of a helmet with no hot water was less than ideal.

    • Yeah, but you did it didn’t you? It’s interesting I actually did a segment for a future show that talked about what we used to do / shave in the military. And how things / attitudes may have changed.

      • One of my son’s went through boot camp at Ft. Benning in 2000. When he told me that if they felt stressed they only had to hold up a card or something for a time out. I almost fell on the floor, REALLY? Oh, and DI’s were not allowed to curse at them. When I went through boot camp during the height of the Vietnam war every minute was stressful. Sometimes I thought that the DI’s primary language was cursing. Oh, I could go on but I think you get the idea.

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