Razor of the Week


The Razor of the Week this week is the Merkur Bakelite.


This is a unique little razor. First off it’s lightweight. It’s made out of one of the first plastics. It’s also got a unique “Marbled” look to it. It’s really rather attractive. And on top of that, it’s light.

I did find it a little “fiddly” to get a blade in it. But this is mainly due to the lightweight of all the pieces.

I used to use the Bic Good news razors. These are also lightweight razors. The Merkur bakelite is just as light. This makes it capable of giving a real good shave while not enticing you into allying to much pressure on the razor. This gives a very comfortable shave.

I tried this razor with Cremo and believe that I have found a winning combination. I’m going to make this my camping razor. I have a small bottle to hold some Cremo and with this lightweight razor, I have a nice lightweight setup that only needs water. I’m looking forward to using it this upcoming weekend.


2 thoughts on “Razor of the Week

  1. Just to let you know that I love your podcasts, especially your reviews of old/antique razors. Now I’m going to look around at yard sales and antique stores just to collect a few. I wish I had the ones that I first used many years ago. P.S. I pick up the Family Dollar Spice (Vi-Jon) for $2.25 (7 oz). I’ve been wearing it for 5 hours and it still has a strong fragrance. My wife just got home and she could smell it. I used 2 small splashes in my hand and spread on my face and neck. Perhaps my batch was a little different/stronger than yours (Mfg date 7/2/13). Who knows?….

    • Glad your enjoying the podcast. I do enjoy making them. Now, about that Vi-Jon, wow! If mine had that kind of staying power I would really be happy. Maybe I’ll buy some at Fred’s and try it out. Good report and great to hear from you.

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