Ep 206 – Texas on Fire (With Str8S!)

Ep 206 – Texas on Fire (With Str8S!)

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SOTD – Texas on Fire (Sterling Shave Soap)

A Make versus Buy Analysis

SOTD – A Thin Straight Razor (pros and cons)

My Take on Enthusiasm

SOTD – Shower Shaving with Texas on Fire

A New Lighter (a Peanut XL from Countycomm)

The old Esbit/Imsco Lighter

SOTD – A Quick Straight Razor Shave? (Is it possible?)

A Flag Controversy


One thought on “Ep 206 – Texas on Fire (With Str8S!)

  1. I bought one of the nos Esbit lighters and had no good luck at all with it. Even changed the wick and still no joy. It was difficult to get to light at all. I don’t carry my Zippos anymore since I don’t like to refill them every 2 weeks and I hate the leg-burn you get after filling them up and putting them in your pant’s pocket. I like County Comm products especially the SWL radio. Will have to look at the lighter. I have had a cheap Ronson Jetlite lighter for over 10 years and have taken it to Scout Camp many times and literally use it almost every day for heat shrinking wire connections at work and have never had it fail. You can pick them up at Walmart most of the time and at Walgreens or on the Internet. Seriously, I bought several for spares and I have NEVER used them since the first one has worked for so long. I don’t smoke but still have several fire starting devices on me at ALL times. Boy Scout rods on each of my three key rings, the Ronson in my right pocket and a Bic to loan in my left. Two is One, One is None. And Four or Five just makes sense. Thanks for your comments about Shaun White and the Flag. When I watched him win and then carry the flag, I got a little upset with it being dragged in the snow, but like you, saw all that was going on, what he had to carry, and assumed that it was not intentional. I did not see the apology but assume it was heartfelt. What bugs me more is the fact that they give the Olympians US flags to “wear” at all. I have always thought that wrapping up in the flag was not proper according to the US Flag Code http://www.usflag.org/uscode36.html#176

    (d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.

    ‘Course It bugs me to see good people to display the US Flag and a State Flag in front of their property with the US Flag on the right hand side. They know not, but still…. Shoulda been in the Scouts growing up. I carry a letter about proper flag display in my vehicle when traveling and drop one off at the front gate. I have been pleased to see many have reversed their flags after this nudge.

    Thanks again for another great podcast.
    Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD
    Palestine, Texas

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