Ep 195 – A Good Day with Godrej !!

Ep 195 – A Good Day with Godrej !!

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SOTD – A First Go around with Godrej Shaving Cream

Godrej at West Coast Shaving

G-Flex Epoxy (Wonder stuff!)

G/flex on Amazon

SOTD – Godrej part 2

Driving and the Flow of Traffic

A Futur / MingShi 2000 video comparison with some insight!!

Future vs MingShi 2000 video by Northern Shaver

A Listener’s Opinion on the OneBlade Core – New and Improved…Isn’t !!!


3 thoughts on “Ep 195 – A Good Day with Godrej !!

  1. Just got my Oneblade Core V2 replacement and its a great shaver from the first pass to the 3rd cleanup pass I was extremely pleased on the quality of the shave and the performance of the Core. If your still not happy, swap it again as they do seem to have ironed out the problems from the first batch.

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