Ep 186 – It’s a Dud!!

Ep 186 – It’s a Dud!!

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SOTD – One Blade Core (New) – Round 1

SOTD – One Blade Core (New) – Round 2

Sharpologist – Breaking in a Boar Brush – The Easier Way!

Link to Sharpologist post and video

SOTD – One Blade Core (New) – Round 3

SOTD – Autostrop VC4

The Eclipse

SOTD _ An Experiment and the RazoRock BlackHawk

The Fountain Pen of the Week

Jinhao Century Fashion Pen



One thought on “Ep 186 – It’s a Dud!!

  1. Im waiting on my second, replacement CORE after the first one refused to load a blade full stop. Ive been in contact with Todd @Oneblade & tried to convey my misgivings on making the CORE head from plastic too. It just does not have the needed quality, durability and heft needed to make it comparable to the Genesis. Ive asked him and will ask again for a great deal on upgrading from the Core to the Genesis, as it does not disappoint. Oneblade do have a 30 day refund policy and I know others that have gotten a refund with no problem after returning it. I too have had a bad experience, my 50th birthday razor to myself, the SE Blackland’s Sabre $185 was a disappointment and the better base it needs is going to be near another $85 to correct its shave deficiency’s! Now that stung mate, makes the CORE look like an affordable experience in comparison. I post these podcasts to Real Men Shave group on Facebook community (its growing fast now) and I want to THANK YOU for shaving your shave of the days and life experiences. Ive rediscovered my love of fountain pens, knives and of course COFFEE. Cheers from downunder, Steve thedailyshaver

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