Ep 175 – War of the Roses!

Ep 175 – War of the Roses!

BrushnSoapnBlade Wetshaving Podcast – Where we look forward to shaving every day!
BrushnSoapnBlade@gmail.com – Wet Shaving Questions and Feedback always welcome.
@BrushnBlade Everything Wet Shaving on Twitter (and other stuff for fun!)

(864) 372-6234 on GoogleVoice – The Wet Shaving Hotline, call me anytime.



Paul – Problems with podcasts in the Blog Post

Paul – Addicted to Wet Shaving

David – Shaking Hands

Paul – A Schick Utility Knife?

Jeff – Mechanic Prep

From Sharpologist – The OneBlade Core Razor

SOTD – Schick E3, Oud Soap

An Interesting Phenomenon!

SOTD – The War of the Roses

Unfortunately, I’m Getting Better at This!

SOTD – I’m Dissapponted with this Thing!

Tent Repair Day

SOTD – Magic!

My Ranga Fountain Pen

Video of Ranga Pens being made

Ebay listing for the Pen I bought



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