Ep 173 – Old School Shaving … Really!

Ep 173 – Old School Shaving … Really!

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Email from Jason

SOTD – All About the Soap

Message from Jeff

SOTD – All about the Blade

Message from Stephen

SOTD – More with a Vintage Blade

A Tailor is something everyone needs!

SOTD – Old School


One thought on “Ep 173 – Old School Shaving … Really!

  1. Ive been listening and promoting on Real Men Shave group on facebook the podcast for a long while now and as always I love, love love & appreciate the time and effort making this takes! I too have the ‘grip’ problem and the best solution Ive been given is to use ALUM on my fingers and yes, it does seriously remove slick from even the Future handle INSTANTLY! In the army, alum is known as the hippie deodorant (special forces swear by it in the field/deployment) where space and transportability is necessary as it can be packed and used for multiple purposes.

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