Ep 165 – Mind the Gap

Ep 165 – Mind the Gap

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Email from Greg – Fountain Pens for Lefties

Email from Randy – Autostrop Strop and Hobbies

Email from Jeff – Hobbies

Birthday SOTD

Stropping Paste

Link for stropping paste

SOTD – trying to play with the Gap

The Curse of the Green Arrow

SOTD – Mind the Gap

SOTN – With my Stropped Str8


One thought on “Ep 165 – Mind the Gap

  1. I wonder how many innocent, completely logical people have lost their lives due to those damned green arrows. In the hands of a highway department public servant, they can be elevated into the ultimate weapon of authoritarian negligence. I know an intersection in Williston, VT, where your reasonable advice could get a guy killed — and almost did me.

    It was part of the somewhat unique experience of having refined my driving technique like I did my shaving technique: by driving the same route as a motor carrier for 8 hrs a day, for a short period some years ago. Near the depot, this arrow to a major shopping center specifically did NOT guarantee a red light in the oncoming lane. I didn’t see any signage to yield. You’re just supposed to know that’s the rule, by law.

    Even worse: it was paired with a separate turn lane, which to any rational person makes a logical match. “OK, I know you’re talking to me, green light with my life in your hands, because you’re pointing the same way I’m going, and you’re in front of the lane where everybody is going that way. You’re telling me I should go now.” NOPE. Still have to yield.

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