Ep 150 – Completing the 1912 Experience

Ep 150 – Completing the 1912 Experience

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Email from Stephen

Comment from Andrew

CAP7597 would like you to conducer the No-Shave November Team, Old School Shavers Against Cancer. (_O.S.S.A.C._)

Shaver’s can Join or just Donate. The money is equally spread over 4 different cancer research centers.

St Jude Chidrens Research
American Cancer Society
Prevent Cancer Foundation
Fight Colorectal Cancer

Here is the link to the team:

SOTD 1 – Nathan Clark Badger Brush, Suribachi bowl, 1912 Citrus Musk, Gem Damascene with Gem Carbon Steel Blade


SOTD 2 – The One Pass Shave with a Plisson synthetic brush, 1912 Russian Leather, Gem Damascene with Gem Carbon Steel Blade


Why No Podcast Last Week … or … Why I’m Tired!

SOTD 3 – Semogue Owners Club brush, Taylor of Old Bond Street Cederwood, Merkur Bakelite Slant with a worn out blade

My New Trimmer ….. Tree Trimmer

TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw

SOTD 4 – Schick Adjustable, 1912 Citrus Musk with a 1305 Semogue Boar with some British Sterling Aftershave


SOTD 5 – 1912 Club Cola, 830 Semogue, Schick Adjustable


The Case for Sunglasses

How to make a Shirt Look Good

RealMenRealStyle – The Perfect Shirt Collar Look

How to make a Shirt Look Good part 2

RealMenRealStyle – Five Stylish Ways to Roll a Shirt Sleeve

How about the First Popeye the Sailor Cartoon?



One thought on “Ep 150 – Completing the 1912 Experience

  1. I loved your podcast, and I have been following you for quite some time know. I was wondering how you would feel about having traditional wet shaving as a requirement in the scouts ( boys old enough to shave of course ). I know you have a part in there learning and developing throughout there time in the scouts and I know there are many wet shavers who would like to see a merit badge for traditional wet shaving. Douglas Smythe of PAA , myself and many others are ready to help make this happen. Your thoughts….
    Your loyal listener, Jon Romanov

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