Ep 144 – Catching Up On Things!

Ep 144 – Catching Up On Things!

BrushnSoapnBlade Wetshaving Podcast – Where we look forward to shaving every day!
BrushnSoapnBlade@gmail.com – Wet Shaving Questions and Feedback always welcome.
@BrushnBlade Everything Wet Shaving on Twitter (and other stuff for fun!)

(864) 372-6234 on GoogleVoice – The Wet Shaving Hotline, call me anytime


Jeff’s Phone Call and my response

Joshua’s comment

Paul’s email











Other Episodes where I talk about Valet Autostrops

Ep 113 – Rants, Signs, and Reflections

Ep 116 – In Depth with the AutoStrop

Ep 117 – Valet AutoStrop VC4 and Tech challenges

Kieth’s email

51Hc4mO2F2L._SY679_           Flax Oil on Amazon

Fixing a 1912 SE Razor – Shave Straight and Safe

Steve’s comments from my YouTube Video channel (Did you know I had a YouTube channel?)


Semogue 1438 (75% tops, 50mm loft, 21 mm diameter) $13.62 on Amazon


Semogue 1305 (90% tops, 55mm loft, 22mm diameter) $14.59 on Amazon

If I had to buy a Boar Brush, I’d buy the 1305 for the extra $1

The Stallion Honing a Gold Dollar Razor – YouTube Video

Gem Shovelhead found in the Wild

SOTD with the Shovelhead and the Semogue 1438


Can’t People Fix ANYTHING any more?

Semogue 1438 Brush


Ever Heard of DCI – Drum Corps International


A Young Man Who “Get’s It”

How about a Drum Corps Podcast? Drum Corps International Field Pass

The Marketing of Multi Blade Razor Systems

Leaf Razor

The Defender Razor

A Good way to End – See the Video


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