Ep 137 – Shulton vs. P&G

Ep 137 – Shulton vs. P&G

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Friday SOTD


Razor Rotations – Shave Like Granddad

Saturday SOTD


Mail Call from Maggards

Interview with Brad Maggard – Mantic59

Fabric Softener?

Monday SOTD


Don’t Sacrifice the Goal for the Sake of the Process!

Tuesday SOTD


Overall Impressions of P&G Shaving Cream

Shelton vs. P&G

Musk first – Notice the difference in the color / pattern on the tube?


Look closely at the back…


One is Manufactured by P$G, the other by Wonder Products… both in India.



Same for the Original Scent


Notice the Wonder Product tube says “Shulton” on it.




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