Ep 137 – Shulton vs. P&G

Ep 137 – Shulton vs. P&G

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Overall Impressions of P&G Shaving Cream

Shelton vs. P&G

Musk first – Notice the difference in the color / pattern on the tube?


Look closely at the back…


One is Manufactured by P$G, the other by Wonder Products… both in India.



Same for the Original Scent


Notice the Wonder Product tube says “Shulton” on it.




2 thoughts on “Ep 137 – Shulton vs. P&G

  1. I just discovered this podcast. I bought the Old Spice Original, Musk and Lime creams in the checkered tubes and to say I was disappointed was to put it mildly. They smell almost indistinguishable. The tubes that smell more like OS that you refer to were made before the change in licensee to Rubicon from MCPL by P&G. Note that your tubes from Wonder Products will have a date on the bottom of 2012 while the checkered tubes are 2014 or later. P&G totally ruined the scent of those creams. You would have to be very lucky to find anyone who still has the MCPL/Wonder Products creams left.

    The ingredients of the P&G OS cream are very similar to the Gillette shaving cream in the tube that’s made in India. Both are, of course owned by Proctor and Gamble. The MCPL/Wonder Products version has much better ingredients. Note that they’re not adding triethanolamine like P&G does, nor is MCPL adding the delicious preservative, methylisothiazolinone, like P&G does.

    Do you have the older Old Spice Original, Musk, & Lime aftershaves from India that were manufactured under license from Shulton to MCPL before P&G transferred it to Rubicon?

    Here’s the article that appeared when P&G licensed the brand for manufacture in India to MCPL in 2002 (your old cream): http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/pg-licenses-marketing-rights-of-old-spice-to-menezes-cosmetics/articleshow/29767658.cms

    Another article announcing P&G terminating the relation with MCPL (which was associated with Shulton for 5 decades and probably used the original formula for the creams and aftershaves. I should have bought cases of it!): http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/services/advertising/procter-gamble-to-market-old-spice-ends-10-year-deal-with-goa-based-menezes/articleshow/17471559.cms

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