Ep 123 – A Couple of Letdowns!

Ep 123 – A Couple of Letdowns!

BrushnSoapnBlade Wetshaving Podcast – Where we look forward to shaving every day!
BrushnSoapnBlade@gmail.com – Wet Shaving Questions and Feedback always welcome.
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(864) 372-6234 on GoogleVoice – The Wet Shaving Hotline, call me anytime


1st Email from Jeff

Scouting Rediscovered

2nd Email from Jeff

Razor Edge Systems

The Guide to Strops – ShaveStraightandSafe

Email from John

SE Solution from Randy – A Spine for the Spineless SE Feather

Email from Mark

Email from Andrew with Brush Questions

The Brush: Basic Information Everyone Should Know – The ShaveDen

Old School Shaving Brushes 

TGN Knots

Whipped Dog Knots

Nathan Clark Knots

Thanks DarkBulb!

Thursday SOTD


PaulHFilms  Original BRUT Aftershave by Faberge


Amazon Let Me Down!

A Special Discovery in the Scientific Community

Einstein’s gravitational waves ‘seen’ from black holes

When did Buying Flowers Online get to be Such a Pain in the….



Yeah…These guys!


Friday SOTD – Thanks TRYABLADE.com


Weekend SOTD and Oops!

Monday SOTD



Wednesday SOTD



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