Ep 116 – In Depth with the AutoStrop

Ep 116 – In Depth with the AutoStrop

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The Weekend SOTDs

A more in depth look at the Valet AutoStrop (VC1)

  • Let’s look at my VC1. Notice the rather shallow / small blade holder! (On the bottom in the picture)
  • IMG_2486How about a closer look?
  • IMG_2488If you look close you can see the hooks that cover the blade corners to protect you.
  • IMG_2487Let’s look at a Feather spineless blade. Notice the two half round cutouts?
  • IMG_2489You slide the blade into the holder from one side…
  • IMG_2490IMG_2491IMG_2492And it will clip in place using the half round cutouts for alignment. Simple, elegant and it works! Oh, and the blade can go in either end first…doesn’t matter!
  • IMG_2493Now you have to raise the comb up into place. You do this by pulling down with your thumb on the tab in the back.
  • IMG_2494Hooks catch easily and keep everything tight. Again, simple, elegant and it works.IMG_2495
  • Looks pretty scary doesn’t it? It’s really not..while not mild, it gives a great shave!IMG_2496

Tuesday SOTD

A more in depth look at the Valet AutoStrop (VC2)

  • The VC2 has a large blade holder.IMG_2497
  • There is a very nice bar on the inside that has the name VALET cut out in it. (More on this later)IMG_2498
  • In order to install the blade, you have to open this bar first…IMG_2499
  • Then the blade goes in…IMG_2501
  • But only if it’s in the correct orientation!IMG_2500
  • Then the bar closes and you realize that the cut out also maths the tabs that hold the blade.IMG_2502
  • Then, just like the VC1, you raise the open comb in place..IMG_2503
  • But be careful, there are no hooks here, just little bumps…IMG_2504
  • To protect you from the blade corners. It works, but it’s finicky and hardly elegant.IMG_2505
  • The other thing that is interesting is the blade holder is also engaged by the bottom plate…IMG_2509
  • To prevent the blade from raising up out of position and away from the bumps. (It works, but I prefer the hooks!)IMG_2514

Updates to The History of Shaving Video Series –

Let’s talk traffic !!!

What to do in an Active Shooter Situation


3 thoughts on “Ep 116 – In Depth with the AutoStrop

  1. Great detail on the Valet Autostrop. – Also Georgia had a slow poke law go into effect back in July. Not sure of the success but as someone who drives in Atlanta traffic everyday it is needed.

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