Ep 106 – Use the Force Rick, Use the Force!

Ep 106 – Use the Force Rick, Use the Force!

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A message from Billy

A message from Nolan

Wet Shaving News – Peter Wolf Unknown


Thursday SOTD


Fall Scents

Commitment from the Soap Commander

Helping out with the Band

Monday SOTD


Point A to Point B

A Real Light Saber!!




2 thoughts on “Ep 106 – Use the Force Rick, Use the Force!

  1. Rick, great stuff here. I just happened to notice an error in your math regarding the life of the laser razor, four shaves in an hour(15 minutes each) times 50K hours of life equals 200,000 shaves. If someone shaves every day (including leap days) this razor would last 547 and a half years… provided that the rest of the materials hold up that long. The cost of the razor is currently set at $289 and even at that price you are paying less than fifty-three cents per year, over the life of the laser… if someone were to spend an hour per day shaving it would only last 136.9 years. An interesting marketing strategy, to say the least… Don’t you think?

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