Ep 96 – Who Decides?

Ep 96 – Who Decides?
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Shaving Under your Nose – Mantic59 Video

Playing with Pens

Why are fountain pen sales rising?

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Another SOTD


No show next week – I’m taking a vacation at Boy Scout camp!

Who Decides?





8 thoughts on “Ep 96 – Who Decides?

  1. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for another episode. I’m glad you’ve decided to release the pressure and take next week off.

    Regarding your talk about political correct speech, what exactly is it that you feel society tells you you cannot say? You were a vague. If the right to say anything is so important, why not say it, with your platform? You certainly don’t stick to wetshaving talk, so that is not a restriction. How exactly are you being restricted?


    • It is more of a reaction to what I see as a propensity for “mob rule”. It has gotten to the point that certain positions are harassed, down played, discarded…not based on any value other than someone else yelled louder.

      Trying to have an honest discussion and getting labelled something derogatory does not allow any human discourse or learning to take place. If, for example someone states a position on one of the many current touch points (politics, religion, sexual orientation, race, the list is becoming endless) that is not “accepted” they are virtually destroyed. Without giving any consideration to the point they were trying to make. Look at what is happening to Donald Trump for example. (And we wonder why politicians refuse to speak the truth as they know it!)

      This is part and parcel of the divisions that are being sown in our society. We are being separated on many levels into opposing teams. The problem is that this is not college football, this is our society and the prosperity of our country.

  2. Gotcha. I thought it might have something to do with the massive discussions happening in our country right now and the growing divide between attitudes of north and south, gun control vs. open carry, speaking in code vs. calling out overt white supremacy, family values vs. religion as control system, “they’re taking our jobs and mooching off social programs” vs. immigration reform, conservative vs. liberal.

    • Yeah! That’s a good list. There’s more of course and it’s happening with everything. It’s tearing the country apart and the only one benefitting are the politicians who can jump in to “fix” the problems that they really can’t do anything about unless someone picks a side and then enforces it. Again…Who decides?

      Meanwhile the country is in absolute turmoil, emotions boil over and the average citizen sits here watching a once great and relatively civil society implode.

      • Big picture stuff, but I think it’s a product of the systems that the people allowed to happen, allowed their leaders to perpetrate. From the European-American standpoint (I’m guessing both of our ancestries), allowing indigenous people to be wiped out for a massive land grab, allowing Africans to be stolen and worked toward our great reward, to build a prosperous, super-power that once “worked so well” and lead the world (to the detriment of millions of the aforementioned), to today, an open wound masking itself as a Christian nation and the pinnacle of capitalism. We are a long way away from overcoming our history. We can deny it, pretend we’re not an open wound, pretend that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed based on good choices, but personally, I don’t believe it. Also, I feel like the idea of a greater morality is starting to capture people’s imagination. One where we feel a sense of compassion, consideration, empathy, toward other people, where there is not such a divide between the 1% and the rest of us. So for me, trying to consider the less fortunate when I speak my words is a privilege. I don’t feel like speaking “PC” is a restriction.

      • Again if your speaking PC”… Who decides what “PC” is at any given time? It’s OK for those that have similar views because of the apparent support and advantage. However, would you feel differently if you were on the other side of the conversation? It may happen one day. If it does, do you shout about the injustice or do you accept and move on? If your choice is to shout about the injustice, why do those currently shouting about an injustice deserve to be silenced?

        I’m just questioning the actions of people towards other people. Regardless of their position on any subject.

        I appreciate the conversation.

      • I would suggest that religious leaders have been shouting at us for thousands of years, while the same percentage of gay people are born every year. Mega-corporations have been working with politicians to shape our economy (and destroy Earth). The government has perpetuated the idea of “race” (non-scientific, by the way) to divide us and legitimize some but not others. I think a segment of us have been shouted at and are rising up to shout back. Social change is slow and rocky, but it does seem to advance in a positive direction. I think we’re seeing it sped up right now, but at a huge inconvenience for some.

        On another note, I know a percentage of the wet-shaving community would have no problem lighting up a tobacco pipe on a playground with kids around to display their personal freedom. I’ve seen it first-hand. I am just not that type of person. So again, it is a joy to be considerate, at least to innocent people who aren’t actively perpetuating the environmental or social problems described above.

        And it is a joy to converse with you, Rick. I’m the same Josh who has given you feedback over the last couple years on how I admire your independent thinking.

      • I agree wholeheartedly on the mega corporation thing. It seems that no one is really looking out for the country anymore. It’s more about personal gain and then how it can be spun to sell it after the fact.

        As far as the other things you mention, I try to deal with my circle of influence. I will treat everyone the best I can until they prove they don’t deserve it. As long as a persons choice doesn’t smack me in the face it’s none of my business. (Course I expect the same from others) Race is a non issue for me, as is culture and religion. I value attitude, sincerity and intent. Now if someone asks my opinion, I may give a response (see intent) but I expect whoever asks to be ok with it. I don’t mind polite conversation or even heated conversation (passionate), but everyone should be OK with people having, and expressing different points of view. That’s how we learn and grow as people.

        The tobacco thing, well…I’d rather have them smoke in open air than in a closed car with those kids. I don’t know, I grew up with parents that smoked. I smoked for a while, then quit. Don’t really miss it but I know it’s rough on some. However, making this population of society essentially second class citizens while your pulling money out of their pockets in the form of taxes doesn’t seem right to me.

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