Ep 91 – Compliance!

Ep 91 – Compliance!
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Letters from:





Shave Den Post on Straight Razor Shaving by Joe





A couple of SOTDs with a bit extra thrown in


A new use for Balms

A SOTD and some Positive Attitude


Update for the BrushnSoapnBlade YouTube Channel




One thought on “Ep 91 – Compliance!

  1. The corporations make the rules. So true. If I may indulge, is there a presidential candidate with a more proven track record on removing the money from politics and working to force the corporations to pay their fair share than Bernie Sanders? Are there more important issues?

    Rick, if you were ever to do a free thought podcast with no particular theme, I’d subscribe in a heartbeat. If not, please keep including these segments in your shaving podcast. Thanks!

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