Ep 82 – Head to Head and a Fallen Angel!

Ep 82 – Head to Head and a Fallen Angel!
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A couple of RazoRock P 160 SOTDs


A better radio in the truck

RazoRock P 160 vs. Cella – Head to Head experience


Zoom with Caffeine!

Straight Razor SOTDs and a special Shout out!



 Check out Sharpologist!!

Fallen Angel!



Beats Headphone Article – Wow!


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One thought on “Ep 82 – Head to Head and a Fallen Angel!

  1. Apparently the reason L’Occitane discontinued this brush was due to quality control issues. Rumor is the handle was the problem. In any case, Plisson is now selling this directly with a resin brush: http://blaireauxplisson.com/en/shavingbrushes-fiber/265-blaireau-facettes-loupe-de-noyer-blanc-europeen-3700005934795.html

    I’ve got it and it even feels more solid…

    Also, I’m catching up with your podcast still, so I don’t know if you’ve discovered the Omega S-series brushes, but the short-lofted (non-Pro) version sounds like it’d be right up your alley — a good synthetic with more backbone for a much lower price.

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