Ep 66 – Try!

Ep 66 – Try!
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Letters and Comments
Stirling Soap
BossJock App – podcasting from the Truck!
Playing with a 1921 Ball End Old Type
Seven deadly sins of shaving

 2015 BrushnSoapnBlade Brush orders being taken now!


Cleaning up a 1921 Old Type

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3 thoughts on “Ep 66 – Try!

  1. Hi Rick,

    You’re like me, in that there are some podcasts I can’t listen to due to bad audio or levels being all over the place. I think it’s unacceptable to have to ride the volume dial while driving in the car. You just put it a lot more diplomatically. 😉

    Your mobile audio studio trial is a success! I didn’t have to ride the volume, and I didn’t hear any annoying background sounds of note. So you were able to get good audio from a comfortable place, your car. And you’re probably more likely to record there as it’s convenient and saves time. I say record away!

    I’ve been known to email the producers of bad quality audio podcasts with a recommendation to run all their spoken word WAV files through The Levelator, a free piece of level compression software that’s as good as a hardware compressor. It brings up the quiet parts and drops down the loud parts, turning poorly recorded audio into something that listeners can enjoy.

    Thank you!
    Hudson, Massachusetts

  2. Hey Rick, great podcast. Thanks for doing the review for the Stirling Ben Franklin – Already had that one on my future to buy list. However Sterling’s description of the scent had me a little nervous. They claim, “This soap smells like an older gentleman’s pantaloons at the end of a hot July day in Philadelphia, drafting important documents with no air conditioner.” But after your review it stays on my list.

    You so right that we just have to “try” – Several months ago when I decided to finally give up my electric razor a friend suggested that I try a de safety razor. However after reading all the how to blogs that kept talking about learning the technique I was again leery. After trying the cartridge with upgraded brush and quality creams i still hated the results. So about a month ago I finally went for it. I am still learning that technique but I am glad I gave it a try.

    • Glad you kept at it! Welcome to the wonderful “adventure” called wet shaving!

      I totally agree about the Sterling soap descriptions! I first read it and thought..uhm… No! It turned out wonderfully though.

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