Ep 52 – I’m an Octagonal Peg!

Ep 52 – I’m an Octagonal Peg!
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What’s been going on!
An Omega Brush
GF Trumper Lime Shaving Cream
HTGM Name Taker Razor
Captain’s Choice Sampler
I’m an Octagonal Peg!

Announcement of new soap from QCS

The Nomad Barber Interview (Moustache&Blade Ep 7)

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3 thoughts on “Ep 52 – I’m an Octagonal Peg!

  1. Hi Rick. Thanks for another episode, and I’m glad you’re back on track and have left the podcast host headaches behind. I didn’t seem to have any issues with any of your episodes. Maybe because I don’t use iTunes?

    I want to respond to a few things you said on this week’s show.

    1. You mentioned that your interview shows are the most popular. But I listen to you for your shaving experience, and for the fact that you’re trying new products, finding more vintage gear (and reporting on it), still discovering techniques, and sharing tips that might make my shaving experience better. I prefer your solo shows more than your interview shows. But I welcome the occasional interview. Especially when your subject offers tips for better shaves.

    2. During the segment where you talked about your new How To Grow a Mustache razor, you mentioned all the weight is in the head. Then you went on to suggest the handle was quite hefty, something you’re not used to. Maybe you originally misspoke and meant to say all the weight is in the handle.

    Well, maybe there were only 2 things I wanted to respond to. I thought there were 3. I’ll holler back if I think of the third.

    I’m so glad you’re going to continue the show, especially since you get such fulfillment from it.


    • Josh,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoy listening to my rumblings. I based the interview comment on the number of downloads those episodes received.

      On the handle issue, you are correct that I misspoke. The handle is where the weight is and that weight makes the head lighter and more maneuverable.

      Let me know if you remember the 3rd thing!

  2. I really enjoyed your thoughts on being an individual, being different as it relates to movies and then as it relates to real life. One day I hope you’ll step back and tie it in to big picture stuff – money, politics, war, religion, etc. But just planting the seed in people to think differently is awesome.

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