Ep 27 – A Surprise and First Time!

Episode 27  – A Surprise and a First Shave!
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Letters, Comments and Calls
Mystic Water Shave Soap – Lilly of the Valley
A Surprise box from HTGM (Thanks Doug!)
A First Shave pt. 1


YouTube video for Valet Autostrop

Try a Blade mentioned on the podcast

Razor Handle Repair

Picture 020



One thought on “Ep 27 – A Surprise and First Time!

  1. So I just finished episodes 26 & 27. 26 got me thinking about the fact that I’ve been wet shaving for just a little bit longer than you’ve been doing the podcast. (Maybe 2-3 weeks I’m thinking) What started as a conversation or two turned into you bringing me a classic razor and a feather blade. That’s where episode 27 got me thinking back. Even though you weren’t slapping me in the face with a towel, you were having conversations that helped me understand the art of my new hobby. Now through the popularity of your podcast and twitter following, I have found more resources and friends to share these experiences with. That is part of what makes wet shaving so great. It’s almost like a brotherhood, a lost art that only a few select people are part of. It’s also about relationships. Whether it’s a father teaching his son how to shave or friends sharing a new experience. For me recently it’s been about remembering some one I recently lost. The razor I’ve been using for the past several weeks is a 1964 flare tip that belonged to my grandpa that I just lost. This is just a small connection I have with him, but it’s one that I will have forever. I may need therapy to cure me from the disorders I’ve acquired, #RAD #BAD #BRAD #SAD (razor, blade, brush, &soap acquisition disorder), but Thanks for introducing me to the “real” art of shaving! – The Sophomore Shaver

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