Ep 18 – A touch of Style…

Episode 18 – A Touch of Style…
BrushnSoapnBlade podcast
BrushnSoapnBlade@gmail.com, @BrushnBlade

oops! (a correction)
Shopping for Shaving items..
Knock Out Shave Outdoorsman Shaving Cream
Razor of the Week
A Touch of Style

Show Notes:

Petal Pusher Fancies

Knock Out Shave         for 20% discount  enter code KObnsnb


Razor of the week





2 thoughts on “Ep 18 – A touch of Style…

  1. Pingback: Dallar Shave Club: “You Know What Feels Great? Changing My F**ken Blade Every Week.” « Keitochan Says:

    • I would agree and that’s why we change out DE and SE blades at least once a week (sometimes more). Of course if you go the straight razor route and strop regularly and care for the edge, you’ll get a great shave too.

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