Ep 17 – Some just need more water…

Episode 17 – Some just need more water…
BrushnSoapnBlade podcast
BrushnSoapnBlade@gmail.com, @BrushnBlade

What did Santa bring you?

My Alum block
Another use for Balm

KO Shave Sonny shaving cream
Knock Out Shave 20% Discount Code: KObnsnb Thanks Ralph!

Petal Pusher Fancies – Briar

Razor of the week

Pictures of the Soap / Cream lathers

KO Shave Sonny Shaving Cream…

Half almond amount of cream (I wanted to save some) brush lathered in circular motion 200 times.

Badger Brush (Vulfix Best Badger) a Thick and Rich lather


Semoque 1305 Boar (Notice in side view it’s only half loaded with lather)

DSCN1617 DSCN1618

Petal Pusher Fancies Briar Shaving Soap

Badger Brush (Vulfix Best Badger) Lather is exploding out of the bowl.


Semoque 1305 Boar Maybe a “Half Lather”


Semoque 1305 Boar add water and another 100 swirls. Better!


Cheap Van der Hagen Boars hair brush for comparison (50 swirls to load, 200 swirls in bowl)


Yep, results are about the same as the 1305! Apparently, it’s not the brush…Just needs more water.


2 thoughts on “Ep 17 – Some just need more water…

  1. Pingback: Dallar Shave Club: “You Know What Feels Great? Changing My F**ken Blade Every Week.” « Keitochan Says:

    • I would agree and that’s why we change out DE and SE blades at least once a week (sometimes more). Of course if you go the straight razor route and strop regularly and care for the edge, you’ll get a great shave too.

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