Every Thanksgiving I wake up when I want to. Make some coffee and then take a shower and get cleaned up for the day. This year was no different. The coffee was an excellent Panamanian offering. I roasted it in an old air popcorn popper. Makes a great mild roast this way. A great way to start the morning.

For the shave today I used a new feather blade, my Gillette Fatboy (one of my favorite!) and The Art of Shaving Sandalwood shaving cream.

First let me say that the lather created was just shy of amazing. It was rich, thick and luxurious. The smell of sandalwood was present but I find myself liking my Castle & Forbes Cedarwood and Sandalwood more.

The shave was great. I did a 4 pass shave. Once in each direction. I rinsed between each pass. First to determine where I was and second to rehydrate things.

Since it is cold today I finished up with some Myrsol balm. All in all a great shave and a great way to finish. I find that I’m getting to like balms. Guess I just needed some experience.

While shaving I thought of some of the things in thankful for. My blog and podcast made that list as well as the folks that listen and follow me on twitter. Hope your Thanksgiving is a great one this year!


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