What’s it like…

What’s it like to take a couple of days off from the Blog? Well I must admit it’s been rather nice. Up until now I have created the podcast and then pulled blog posts off of it. I came to realize that blogging on a daily basis really began to wear thin. It really didn’t make things enjoyable. In a word, well it’s work!

Just to give you an idea, the podcast episodes take about the same length as the show, or around 30 minutes to make. (You might be thinking that that’s it!) Then there is post production editing, or putting all the tracks in order and making it, well…turn it into a podcast! This includes editing out the really bad stumbles, the long pauses, and the occasions that I get partway through and say “Let me do this one over again”! That is probably an hour. Then convert it into an MP3 and get all that lined up. Another 30 minutes. Then I listen to it to remind me of what I talked about and type up the blog posts for the week. Call it another 30 minutes. So, just on the safe side I have 2.5 hours per week for my “hobby”!

Actually, that would be wrong. The hobby is wet shaving….I’m spending 2.5 hours per week just telling people about it! (Just to put things in perspective)

I have a much greater respect for those that blog all the time. It really takes some dedication. I am not worthy….

However, I really enjoy podcasting! So I’ve decided that in order to continue with everything else that I have going on, I’m going to cut back on the blogging part of this adventure and just concentrate on the podcast part. After all, I’m doing this for fun! So my number one priority is to make sure it stays, well..FUN!

This is kind of like streamlining the shaving experience so that you can enjoy it every morning. For me that’s the reason that I primarily use shaving creams and not soaps. They “explode” into a lather quicker and with less effort. I also don’t do as many passes, same reason…. But the end effect is that I really do enjoy shaving every morning. I plan on concentrating on the things I like and enjoy. The things I struggle and fret over, well how much do they really add anyhow? If the answer is “not much”…dump em!

I should be able to publish the podcast on Thursdays. I don’t see a real problem making that happen. I am going to try something to streamline things this upcoming week. I’m going to try to record the whole show at the same time with no pre-recorded segments. If I can get away with it, I will have really reduced my time and can get back to enjoying the “Hobby”. We’ll see if it works…

Anyhow, this is further than I thought I’d get. Now to just see if I can keep it going !!!


(Just noticed…this is my 80th post! No wonder I feel like it’s a bit of a pain!)


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