They’re not lying…they’re selling!

Since I’m close to my soapbox, I’ll just go ahead and step up…

I heard someone comment that “they’re lying to us” while looking at a vintage razor in really good shape versus a new razor that was falling apart after a couple of years. Now, do I understand the sentiment? Yes.

Keep in mind however, these things are being “Sold” to you. It’s the latest and greatest…If we look at shaving products, we have gone from straight razors that will last several lifetimes, to razors that will last 10s of years on average to a plastic handle that will last a year, maybe two. Uhm… it’s the design of selling you stuff. If you can convince someone to buy, you want them to buy more, but there has to be a perceived convenience that is greater than what people are using now.

So, the Gillette razor was cheaper to manufacture than the straight razor, and it was sold as more convenient because you didn’t have to sharpen it. (Besides, you don’t have the time in your busy life now do you?) Over the life of the person, you end up paying more for the blades than you would for the straight razor. Great marketing!

Now you have disposable or cartridge razors that have less steel in them and probably cost just a bit more than the individual DE blade, yet costs way more than the DE blade…hmm..

So what we have is a case where people believe what they’re told via word or sight instead of the reality that they live. (Helps explain politicians getting re-elected after accomplishing nothing of what they promised!)

Next time you see an ad, or hear someone saying “this is better”, look twice…they may be trying to sell you something! (Kind of like “New and Improved” ) Remember, their goal is to increase sales and separate you from your hard earned cash. You get told that the new method is easier, more convenient, you don’t have the time, this is low stress, simple, relax…it just takes a bit of money, maybe over time, you won’t even notice…

If you know it’s happening, you at least are an active participant, instead of a lamp being herded!


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