Myrsol Emulsion Review

Another Samples that I got from the Wet Shaving Sample Shop on The Shave was Myrsol Emulsion. It’s an Aftershave Balm.


OK, I am not a Balm kind of guy! It smelled great! It had a great feel but when applied, it felt “thick”. Again, I’m not a balm guy.

There was a cooling effect for about 30 minutes due to the menthol in it.

It felt tacky and kind of waxy. But I have oily skin so this was an unusual experience for me. However, for cold weather or windy conditions, I think it would be a nice choice.

In fact I used it for an outing on a cold night and it did work well in colder weather.

I may try it again if I have the right conditions. But for me after all these years, the step up to balms might be a bit to big. I’ll just stay here on the porch…


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