Speik Review

I obtained a sample of Speik Shaving Cream from the Wet Shave Sample Shop on the Shave Nook.com. First impressions..it’s Orange! OK, other than that, it smells pretty good too. Kind of a clean soap smell. It’s rather enjoyable. It lathers great too. It didn’t matter what brush I used, Boar or Badger.

There are two things that i look at in a lather. First is Glide, or how slick is this and do I feel like I have to pull the razor through…or does my face feel dry and does the razor skip all over because there’s no “slick” to provide gilde? On a scale of 1 to 10, for me Cremo is a 10 for glide. It’s nothing but slick!

Where this stuff shines is cushioning. I would describe this as the feeling that there is some protection between the blade and my face. Or, am I going to flay the skin off in nice little sheets? Well at this point the Speik has the best cushioning. It’s my new reference.

I even tested it with a new Feather blade in my Fatboy cranked up to a 7. Beautiful shave and no razor burn whatsoever. No my technique is marginal, so I attribute the lack of razor burn to the Speik shave cream.

How do I know I didn’t have any razor burn? Copious amount of Witch Hazel based Ogallala Bay Rum. And after waiting about a minute for the burn to set in, I walked away satisfied that this Speik was a winner!



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