Hey, I missed the Razor of the Week!

Well, I made the 10th episode and after I had it all done I realized that I had missed the Razor of the Week. Granted the podcast is still over 40 minutes long.

When I realized my omission, I figured I would do the blog post anyhow. Maybe I’ll put this in a future podcast, if I get busy doing other things.


Anyhow, the razor of the week is the Gillette Blue Tip Super Speed. These were made between 1955 and 1960.

In a word, this thing is mild. It’s to mild in my opinion and the only reason that I hold on to it is because it is part of the “Collection”. Everyone should have one, or at least have experienced one.

In my experience it is about the same as cranking an adjustable down to the lowest setting it has. It shaves, but it takes so many passes to get a decent close shave. Well, in the end it’s really not worth the effort.

In my opinion, it would be an outstanding razor for a young men just starting to shave. It would be rather hard to hurt yourself with one of these. You would progress to a real razor after a short time. The nice thing about this is that if your then went to a flair tip super speed, or a red, the geometry and handling of the razor would be identical.

If you have really sensitive skin this would be a good choice. For me however, it’s a decoration that I have in the rack and that’s about it.


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