A story and setting a mood…

Episode 10 – BrushnSoapnBlade podcast
BrushnSoapnBlade@gmail.com, @BrushnBlade

Camping with Bakelite & Cremo.
Another new Shaver.
Em’s Lathering Shaving Cream.
Charlie’s Story.
Setting a mood when you have the time.
Thanks for helping me get to Ep 10!

I really appreciate everyone for listening and helping out with comments, suggestions, and assistance.


4 thoughts on “A story and setting a mood…

  1. I really enjoyed listening to you read “my” story. I even chuckled several times. I’ve been going crazy with purchasing shaving supplies. On Veteran’s day my wife and I did our normal pig out at a couple of local restaurants who give free meals to Vets and we shopped. I acquired a puck of Williams soap but have not tried it yet. We went to Walmart and found “deluxe Shave Soap” by Van Der Hagen in a green and almond colored box. The puck comes in a plastic container with a flip top lid so you don’t need to store it in a mug. It has a pleasant aroma and contains Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. It builds a very nice lather without adding glycerin. I believe the cost was $1.56, or close to it. If you see it I would suggest giving it a try. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy the blog and the podcasts.

  2. Congratulations on episode 10! Coincidentally I have also caught up with all your past episodes now, so I’m looking forward to #11.

    I know you’ve said you are not a “balm” guy, so I’ll mention here that Em also makes nice balms with the same scents. Balancing and Lime are my favorites. They also have an unscented, and I’ve used this on very dry days on top of another aftershave like Ogallala.

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