Charlie’s Story

So a while back I asked for your shaving story. Charlie sent me his.

On the podcast that will be out Thursday, I read Charlie’s story. Hopefully I have done justice to it.

The thing that interested me was that Charlie’s story mirrored mine in a few ways. While the “Store” was not the deciding factor for me, I will admit that like Charley, my shaving was nothing more than a daily routine.

Ok, sometimes routines are nice but frankly after years of doing the same thing, somethings got to give…

I changed my routine kind of like how Charlie changed his. I slowed down and enjoyed the experience. In the slowing down I discovered that I really wasn’t saving that much time anyhow. Besides, the bit of extra time that I spent was more than worth it in the end.

If you’ve got a shaving story, or your a new shaver send me your story and I’ll put it on the podcast.


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