Another New Shaver

I have a family member who made the mistake of telling me that they were interested in traditional wet shaving and double edge razors!

WEll, you can guess what happened next…I sent them a care package.

Now, it was a small care package and I decided on the items so as to not scare them off of the evolution that they are about to experience. I bid on and won a 1970’s black handle flare tip on eBay for about $8. I also sent a few blades. Finally I added a tube of Cremo.

I picked the razor because it is a known entity. It is a relatively gentle razor. There are no adjustments on it so less potential to go wrong. I figure you’ve got enough to deal with just starting out. I sent a variety of blades so that some experimentation can take place and decisions, at least initially, of what works best.

I figured that even if they stuck with the method and product for lathering, they would get the DE experience. However, I sent a tube of Cremo because there is very little in the way of a learning curve and I believe it is a great product. He can use it with his old razor if the DE experience proves…well…let’s not go there!

So, with this setup he can get a good shave and not have to mess with soaps and brushes and bowls at this point. We’ll do that latter!

I got some feedback from him. And it was positive. (More detail in the podcast)


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