DIY Scuttle

So here is the $1.50 Salsa bowl on the left and the $3 Berry Bowl on the right.


They fit together perfectly.


Fill the Salsa bowl with warm water. The plastic wont absorb much heat.


Drop the Barry bowl into the Salsa Bowl full of warm water and fill the Berry Bowl with warm water.


Drop in the Brush and let everything sit.


When it’s time to make a lather, take the brush out and shake off the excess water. Take the Barry bowl, empty it out and whip up your lather in the Berry Bowl.

Refill the Salsa Bowl with warm water and place the Berry Bowl with the lather into the Salsa bowl with warm water in it. It wont take much.


Let this sit for a minute and you will get a nice warm lather.

Also note, if you use boiling water, your lather will break down….Don’t ask me how I know! (It was a beautiful lather that died a horrible hot death!)

Have fun experimenting. Any bowl that fits the Salsa bowl will work. I just found the thin Berry Bowl transfers heat pretty fast.


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