Providence…divine guidance or care.

The other day I was reading a forum entry about this podcast. A gentlemen wrote that he liked the podcast but that he thought I spent to much time on Queen Charlotte Soaps.  Well, that’s a fair statement. I review what I have. Not having sponsors or an unlimited budget…well it limits the options.

I pondered this for a few days. Then, while cruising around on The Shave I happened to look in the Artisan Corner part of the forum. In there I found this..

The Wet Shaving Sample Shoppe

I took a look and was amazed. Here is a guy named Travis, who is filling a true need.

How do you afford to test and find out what you like without breaking the bank, getting SWMBO mad at you, or having tins, tub, and pucks of stuff lying around that you really don’t like? Well, here’s the answer!

Travis is repackaging into sample size containers and selling them at a very reasonable cost.


You can find his list of available samples above, or you can email Travis at

You don’t have to be a member of The Shave to order, although it’s a cool place to hang out.

Back to Providence…

Travis’ service allows me to do many more reviews without breaking the bank.

Again the good Lord has placed the answer in front of my face. I’d be pretty silly not to pay attention to it!


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