Razor of the Week

My Razor of the Week this week is the Gillette New Bar Handle.

My New is a short comb variety. It is probably my favorite razor. At one time I used this one almost exclusively for about 6 months. Not bad for an $8 antique store find.

It looks viscous to the uninitiated. But it’s really a nice gentle razor.


There is something intimidating about a razor that looks like a rake! You have to keep in mind however, that when it was coming on the market, there were a lot of guys still using straight razors. If you can use a cut-throat, this is nothing!

Mine has been lovingly used. It’s all copper and brass at this point.

If I had to walk out of the house with only one razor…well, I’d cry…but I’d grab this one. Functional simplicity.


One thought on “Razor of the Week

  1. I used a Gillette NEW, short-comb for almost a year and foolishly dropped it on a hard tile floor, bending the handle bolt which didn’t allow the head to be tightened down property. It was not a happy morning for me.

    I would categorize it as being a moderate razor, not aggressive at all. It worked particularly well with Personna Red IP’s and Astra SP’s. I do wish that Gillette had not decided to produce a hollow handle as I found the lighter handle to affect the razor balance.

    IMO, there is a bit of an intimidation factor for modern wet shavers about OC’s that using one shows is unwarranted. Many of us find them to be particularly helpful with neck hair which often grows in multiple directions.

    Being a big fan of Cadet/RazoRock OC razors, if I came across another Gillette NEW, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick on up. If you picked up the NEW for $8.00, you got a real bargain.

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