Vulfix 2273 Travel Brush

I bought a Travel Brush. Someone was selling one on The Shave and I decided to jump on it.

I’m really glad I did.

First, I needed a travel brush with a container. This has a nice one that won’t let the brush get beat up and abused.


It is small. Just to give a size comparison, I took this picture with my other brushes.


However, there is something unique about it. Even though it’s small, the hairs are really densely packed. It makes for a very nice experience.

It also lathers great.


This was the first time out, using Basilica (That I have really gotten to like now that it has some smell) and I used my Berry Bowl. This is a bowl that has no texture to it at all. (Think of a cereal or soup bowl) So the bowl is doing no favors in creating this lather, it’s pretty much all the brushes doing. Not bad!

All in all, I’m happy with this brush. I’m looking forward to using it more.



2 thoughts on “Vulfix 2273 Travel Brush

  1. Nice looking brush.

    I’ve seen this brush at Bullgoose, who describes it as being a 19mm knot with a 40mm loft. Bullgoose shows it unused in it’s photo, so it’s interesting to see it fully bloomed.

    How do you find the density of the brush?

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