Styptic Pencils

OK, I’ve got to ask…who came up with these?

Is this the same guy who bit into a Habanero pepper the first time and thought it was good?

Do they work? Yes.

However, one of the nice things about DE and SE razors and blades is that they do the job and typically, if used correctly, don’t cut you up like Edward Scissor-hand or Sweeney Todd. Now, I’m referring to standard vintage razors here, slants may be an entirely different subject.

Do they sting? Yes.

Where’s the upside? The pain of the cure is worse than the pain of the cut. I mean really. I’ve got nerves in my face and quite frankly they’re a tad sensitive!

Someone asked if I used an Alum block. The answer is no and after my experience with one of these little fire sticks / soldering iron for your skin / no anesthetic suture in a stick…Well, I don’t know that I will. At least not regularly.


2 thoughts on “Styptic Pencils

  1. Rick don’t be afraid…lol. I remember my Father with tiny pieces of tissue stuck on any nicks he may have accrued during his daily shave. When I was younger I tried that. When you removed them you started bleeding all over again. Personally I would rather feel that moment long sting instead of bleeding out… Mine hasn’t seen any action since I tried my Fat Boy set on the magic 9. Still haven’t figured out just why they call using a razor that cuts like a butcher knife “magical”… lol I always recommend one to a NuBee. It’s usually a one time purchase. There is the motivation to improve ones technique….. HAPPY SHAVES !!!

  2. There is a Proraso gel in a small tube that works almost as well as a styptic pencil; I think I saw it in one of geofatboy’s videos.

    I have a ” My Nik is Sealed”, which is a small tube with a roller applier. I only tried it once, and it stung just the same.

    But most of the time Alum doesn’t sting me at all. I take that as a sign that I’m doing it right.

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