SO there is a story behind the little bottle of Glycerin that I have. I bought it at Walmart.

I use Glycerin from time to time to make my soaps and creams lather better. It also helps if they are a tad “Dry” on the skin. I bought my bottle of Glycerin at Walmart.

Now, Walmart is a store that really made it’s money by knowing where everything is in every store and tracking everything that goes in and out. So imagine my my surprise.

I walked over to the pharmacy and the first thing they said was after I asked for “glycerin” was “Suppositories”?

NO! Thanks, but wrong format…Well, that was scary!

I asked for the bottle. They said they didn’t know if they had it. Now, they are standing in front of the computers that gives them access to Walmart databases…and they’re legendary! Nope, they need a SKU number.

So, me, the customer, pulls out his smartphone and pulls up the store on the Walmart website. Search for “Glycerin” and voila! There it is. I show it to them, oh…there’s the SKU.

She looks it up..”well…It’s in our department!”

So, we look and eventually find it.

I walked out after purchasing my Glycerin shaking my head.

4 thoughts on “Glycerin

  1. LOL

    Reminds me of my quest to find glycerin a few years ago. IIRC,I eventually ended up reading a post on B&B that mapped out locations of glycerin in stores. I think that WallyWorld had it near the rubbing alcohol, witch hazel and first aid supplies.

    I was looking to experiment with adding glycerin to different soaps, particularlhy VDH Deluxe. It did improve the VDH lather, bit I’ve moved on to better soaps and creams. I imagine that glycerin would be very helpful with Williams.

    One use for glycerin that I’ve found to helpful is to add it to the various Pinaud and Clubman Aftershaves. I add 5 drops/ounce of Aftershave. Although this doesn’t make the AS a moisturizing splash, it does help temper the skin drying qualities.

  2. I get mine at the Mom and Pop pharmacies. I also add a drop or 2 to my after shave sometime. It adds a moisturizing property to alcohol based aftershaves.I have a small appetizer/condiment cup I use. Slash in some after shave and a drop of glycerin and viola!!! Give it a try. Works for me….

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