Ep 8 – And in this corner…

Episode 8 – BrushnSoapnBlade podcast
BrushnSoapnBlade@gmail.com, @BrushnBlade

Williams Shaving Soap
Basilica Take 3
New and Improved
Razor of the Week
Boar vs. Badger


4 thoughts on “Ep 8 – And in this corner…

  1. Thanks for another great podcast. I particularly enjoyed your review of the Williams shaving soap, razor of the week and the boar vs. badger. In the near future I hope to be purchasing a silvertip to add to my “fine” badger brush.

  2. Let me also congratulate you on your podcast. Sitting here at my PC, the sound quality is excellent plus you have a great radio voice.

    Regarding your Williams plus glycerin experiment. You mention how much lather that you were able to generate, did you actually shave with it? How was the quality of the lather.

    A long time ago, I had experimented with adding glycerin to Van Der Hagen Deluxe and found it improved the moisturizing of what I found to be a dry soap. I think that I had long given up on Williams.

    IMO, Williams mug soap is the classic example of your “new Improved” story. It was at one time widely regarded as a terrific soap, but was reformulated several times into almost complete ineffectual-ism.

    Although I applaud your emphasis on budget shaving items, for me Williams was a false economy.

    • I did shave with the Williams and Glycerin. It was adequate. Was it great…no. But it was better than the base soap. Is it “the soap”? Absolutely not. In this case, you sort of get what you pay for. I would have thought it would have been worse for the price point.

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