Not that kind of Mixer…An audio mixer!

I have now added a mixer to my arsenal of Podcasting weaponry!

I ended up getting a Mackie 802-VLZ3.

index mix

The reason that I purchased it was so that I could do interviews in the future. I still need a cable or two but so far I’m playing with knows and buttons and generally having a great time.

Does it improve the audio. Well, maybe a little. But it does have some features that I’ll use in the future.

Also, it can be used for one of my other hobbies, so it’s dual purpose! (Quick everyone agree with that one, she’s looking!)

Really, I can use it for my amateur radio endeavors.

Of course I could also become a Rap artist!



3 thoughts on “Mixer?

  1. I am a working musician and I have a production company that does live bands. I have the same model I use mostly for band rehearsals. I also use it sometimes as a sub mixer for tom toms on large drum mixes piggybacked on top of our 16 channel Mackie. For it’s size and price point it is an excellent choice .Mine is around 4 years old and I’ve never had trouble with it. It can also be used for simultaneous recording which is a cool feature…. I’ve also used it on Karaoke and mobile DJ gigs. In those applications coupled with the proper EQ’s and effects gear it sounds as good as any top of the line mixer on the market. GREAT CHOICE !!!

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