Boar vs. Badger

Badger                versus               Boar

I recently had a request to take a look at Boar vs. Badger brushes. Since I had a few of each, I thought I could accommodate this request.

The brushes that I have; an old red handle antique shop boars hair brush that has been well used and is a tad thin, a cheap Van Der Hagen boars hair brush that I picked up at Walmart, a Edwin Jagger Best Badger, and an older horn handle silvertip badger brush.

The Method:

  • I soaked the brush for about 5 minutes.
  • I shook out as much water as possible.
  • I had a puck of Williams shaving soap in a coffee cup.
  • Each brush was swirled 10 times to load the brush.
  • I then lathered in a plastic salsa bowl in circular motion 100 times.
  • I put as much lather as I could get out of the bowl and onto the brush for a picture.

The pictures are the lather that I obtained.

First the Red handled antique store brush.


Now the Van Der Hagen Boars hair.


Both Boars hair brushes have enough lather for a single pass shave. (Maybe a little more)

Edwin Jagger Badger.


Horn Handle Badger.


The Badgers have more than enough lather for a couple of passes without issue.

My take on all this, the brush matters. The Badger will produce a better, more luxurious lather. Boar will work, but all things being equal, the Badger wins.


2 thoughts on “Boar vs. Badger

  1. I myself am a Boar guy. I was taught to soak a boar brush for a while before using. Being a bristle and not a hair, the boar absorbs water. Badger is a hair and it just holds water. Williams soap is a “thirsty” soap and requires more water to lather properly. I’m thinking the badger brought more water to the soap. Also was the soap dry before each test? The puck it’s self will absorb water. I personally own 2 Semouges, an Omega, a VDH,, and a Burma Shave boar brushes. I also have a Parker best badger, and a Franks Shaving best badger. I get great results from all but to me the Boars have a bit more backbone where the badgers have a habit of “holing” in the center as I face lather. I will also say this. A boar that is broken in out performs one that hasn’t. It sounds like your old boar my be a little worn… Plus you can’t beat the price of a boar over a badger…. IMHO YMMV !!! Happy Shaves.

    • I would agree that a Boar needs to break in. I did soak all the brushes prior to my testing just to be fair. I also agree about the “holing” issue in the badger brushes. I have been using my new Boar brush in the shower and it seems to be getting better. I do think that the badgers lather better overall. Just one man’s opinion. Cheers.

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