New and Improved?


I was pondering the other day the reason that most of the really quality items that are being made today are being made by hobbyists, people in garages, or folks just starting out in a small business. It seems that once a business gets larger and starts worrying about utilizing and protecting their assets…well, something happens. Namely, quality takes a hit, or quantity takes the hit.

Which brings me to my next rant. New and improved! Really? New and improved usually means that the manufacturer has figured out how to manufacture something less expensively and the marketing department has figured out how to exploit this to charge more.

A classic example, and probably the thing that got me started on this is Oreo Double Stuffs. Yes, they put more cream in, but if you look at the package, there are less cookies. The cookies take more energy, and therefore cost more, so they’ve reduced that. The cream is cheaper to make and they’ve put more of that in there. Then they sell it as a special thing! Oh, and a recent study just came out that double stuffs really aren’t. They’re only 80% more!

New and improved?

Well, there’s proof “Marketing” works.

Next time you hear “New and Improved”, challenge yourself to figure out how the company is making more money out of the deal. I can just about guarantee they are somewhere.


2 thoughts on “New and Improved?

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  2. “New and Improved” usually means that it is worse. Pure Spring, years ago, had a ginger ail that was absolutely delicious. It was “new and improved,” then it tasted ordinary like all the other ginger ails. President’s Choice had an Earl Grey tea that had a very distinctive and delicious flavour. It was “new and improved,” then it tasted like mud. There are many other examples of this.

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