William’s Shaving Soap


I was in Walmart the other day and saw a small puck of Shaving soap. Ok, that’s nice. But wait, there’s more…it’s only $1.50. Hmm…I wonder if this stuff is worth fooling around with? Well, let’s find out.

So, I took it home and one afternoon I tried it out. It didn’t do to bad. It lathered reasonably well. I tried both a Boars hair and a Badger hair brush. The Badger hair brush did a much better job on creating a lather.

I placed the puck of William’s in a coffee cup and swirled the damp brush in the coffee cup in order to load the brush. I then created a lather in my berry bowl from my DIY scuttle. The first time that I did this, I had a bunch of lather. I shaved with the soap and it did alright. My face felt a bit dry afterwords but the soap itself didn’t give me any problems while shaving.

But then, I added Glycerin! What an amazing difference. The amount of lather was sufficient for 10 lathers (I experimented to determine this). It also, didn’t feel quite as dry afterwords.

All in all, for the cost, it’s a really good product. I’m impressed with it.I plan on always having a few pucks of this stuff under the sink.


4 thoughts on “William’s Shaving Soap

  1. Williams is one of those soaps that need a little bit of practice to get right. I was making lather long before I began using safety razors. When I didn’t have any knowledge of the vast array of soaps and creams available I used VdH and Williams. The biggest quirky characteristic about Williams is it is a “thirsty” soap. It requires a bit more water to lather properly without drying up on your face. The trick is to not carry it overboard. Too much and you get soap soup. If you face lather like I do, after you have started the lather on your face, dip your brush tips lightly in water and continue working your lather. Keep doing this and before you know it you have TONS of slick lather. Same thing using a bowl or scuttle. Williams soap gets a bad rap on the shave forums. Mostly from people not knowing how to properly lather it. It’s not the greatest smelling soap, but for the price and availability it’s worth learning. I enjoy the Olde Tyme feel of it. It is defiantly in my rotation next to Mike’s Natural, New York Shaving Co., C.O.Bigelow, Techon Fung, Prairie Creations, VdH, etc..

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