Synergy Shaving Soap – Cavendish

I started a Twitter account a few weeks back. Because of that Twitter account I received an email from a gentleman that has a line of shaving soaps. He asked me if I’d like to review one of them. Well, here it is…


First off, this is a lot of soap! This is 8 oz. (a half a pound!) of soap. The tin is about the thickness of a hockey puck, but it’s 5 inches across!

The “flavor” of this soap is “Cavendish”. Which is a pipe tobacco flavor. Just smelling it in the tin brings back memories.

So, how does it lather? Well, in a word…Great! I lathered with warm water, cold water, decent technique (best I can muster), lousy technique (when I’m lazy) it always performed. No issues whatsoever. It’s really an easy soap to use from that respect.

It provided excellent protection, great glide and it gave a very moisturized feel after shaving.

So, the smell…well, with cold water it’s there. Just a hint. Now I have been critical of this in some past reviews of shaving soaps / creams, but because of the scent (pipe tobacco – Cavendish) it works. It gives the impression that a pipe smoker had been in the room just a bit ago.

Now, with warm water it opens up and becomes more noticeable. It a scuttle, well.. it’s about perfect.

Interested? You can get Synergy Shaving soap at

Oh, and if you do click on the link above, you’ll also get an opportunity to explore vast amounts of information a that this website contains.


2 thoughts on “Synergy Shaving Soap – Cavendish

    • It doesn’t smell like smoke. There is a distinct Cavendish scent. It smells like that. If you’ve ever smelled pipe tobacco in the pouch, before it’s smoked in a pipe,but the tobacco itself…yeah it’s like that.

      I agree if it smelled like smoke it would not be good.

      If you are referring to smoking in geneneral, I understand but I don’t have a huge issue with it and I enjoy the smell of a good tobacco. Maybe I have a Libertarian streak?

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