A Marlin?

When our new shaver showed me the Aristocrat that his wife got for him as a gift, in the razor was an interesting blade. It was a Marlin!


Marlin made razor blades from 1935 to 1968…Who knew! (I didn’t)

It’s a unique bit of marketing. You make an inexpensive product, like a razor blade, to keep your name in front of your market when they can’t afford your primary, expensive, product.

Another unique feature? It appeared to be blued, like gun blue.

This was beautiful when contrasted with the gold of the Aristocrat.  They really went together well.


One thought on “A Marlin?

  1. There is a lot of Marlin DE blades on the Maine Craigslist site. Something like $400 for 16 packs of blades… Ouch

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