Digital Recorder

I purchased my digital recorder to allow me to record episodes in the morning on my way to work. At least that was the idea. Didn’t work out well. The unit had really nice, and sensitive, condenser microphones. They pick up everything! The audio quality of the recordings was not what I wanted, so I’ll do my recording in the “studio”.


I find that recording directly into the recorder using battery power gives me really clean and clear audio signals.

I have used it for recording notes and ideas. It works great for this (although since I’m only using the recordings for reference at this point, I just use my iPhone)

One of the interesting things that I have found is that my mind tends to wonder. If you’ve ever seen the movie “UP” the dogs get distracted by the mention of “Squirrel”! Here’s a link to some of this on Youtube.

Well, when I change subjects while I ramble on, I say “Squirrel” so when I play it back I can quickly recognize that I’ve changed topics. The problem is when I listen to it, I “Squirrel” a lot! It’s almost funny just to listen to see how often I change subjects.

Well, on with the…, “Squirrel!”… show!


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