The Razor of the Week

Well, this week the Razor of the week is my Aristocrat. No, I didn’t plan this, it just came together that way.

My Aristocrat is one of my favorite razors. If I could only have a couple of razors I would have my Aristocrat and my Fatboy. It is a great shaver. Very gentle. It’s about a 4 on my Fatboy adjustment scale, but it shaves differently…Better.


Now, mine is not collectable at all. Whoever had it before either beat it on the edge of the sink or something as the knurling on one part of the handle it smashed flat and gone. (Of course I paid $10 for it!) But the head is in great shape and the Twist to Open (TTO) functions perfectly.

Mine is a 1946 to 1949 version. There was a later version where the section of the handle right below the handle was knurled like the rest of the handle.

All in all a great shaver, one of my favorites!


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