Old Spice Aftershave

What has happened to Old Spice? I bought some recently and I also have a real old bottle that still has some in it. The new “Classic” has a red stopper and a PLASTIC bottle. The old on has a grey stopper and a glass bottle. Manufacturing cost reductions maybe?

SO than I used the new stuff…splash in the hand..rub on the face…Wait, What is this? The smell is “floral”! This is not the same scent! Holy cow. What have they done with my memories?

There is a difference between the two. The old stuff…Great, the new stuff…Ugh!

West Coast Shaving has Old Spice that is being imported from India. So I ordered some. I did get the small bottle and it is small. But it’s real similar to the old grey stopper stuff. Ok, now I have a source.

At least I can have the memories of the cheap Old Spice that I bought for my Dad left intact. Seems like that was the go to for a young kid getting something for Dad back in the day.




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