New Shaver update!

Our new shaver was showing off his eBay finds the other day. The first was a gold Gillette travel kit. It was in beautiful condition. The plastic was perfect on the inside and outside. The razor was in perfect condition. The box was in good shape and the original instructions were in there to. It looked like someone had gotten it for a gift, put it in the drawer and forgot about it for 50 years or so.

The second one was a red leather case with just a head unit. A good start to a usable travel set if he made a handle for it.

He also got a ball handle tech. There was some plating loss, but it looked to be from normal use, not abuse.

All in all he was real happy with his purchases and was looking forward to using them.

He also told me that he had purchased a new knot for a brush handle that he had gotten at an antique store. We discussed sources and methods to attach. He had been on the forums but wanted to talk about it. He also reported that his brush, the Vulfix 1000 had stopped shedding and he is happy with it. He has gone into the brush territory. I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m just suffering from Razor Acquisition Disease (RAD).


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